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Packing & Shipping Your Flowers

It's important to package and ship your flowers quickly in order to preserve its beauty.

At most, 3 days after your event!

Overnight or express shipping is required via USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Keep Your flowers in water until they are ready to ship

Materials you'll need to ship your Flowers:

1. One Carboard Box- not much bigger then your flower arrangement
2. Packing Material- we recommend crumpled newspaper and bubble wrap.
Please don't use packing peanuts
3. Packing Tape
4. Mementos, Photos, Invitations, prayer cards, other special items
you’d like included in your keepsake. Make sure you protect these items to prevent
crumpling the paper and place them within a plastic bag to keep them dry.
5. Your Order #- Once you purchase your items, youll be given an Order #;
please write this # on a piece of paper or print out a copy of your order form and
place it in the box so we know exactly who the package belongs to.

Overnight shipping to our studio

We recommend sending your flowers to our studio via USPS due to their convenient locations and competitive pricing. You can expect to spend between $50-150 on overnight shipping.

We only receive packages via USPS FedEx or UPS

Soak paper towels or a rag in water and wrap it around the stems,
This keeps the stems wet during shipment, place the stems in a plastic bag and secure it closed with a rubber band.

Do Not do anything to the actual petals

Keep them open like in this photo

wedding bouquet received in mail preservation

This video shows you how your flowers should look packed in the box

1. Make a "nest" at the bottom of the box

using crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap

2. Place your flowers in the "nest"

and fill the remaining empty space in the box with more newspaper or bubble wrap.. this to to ensure the flowers stay in place and there is minimal empty space to for them to move/shift around during shipment

 Please include your Order Number# inside of the box so we know who it belongs to

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