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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my wedding has already passed?

How long will it take for my order to be done?

Will my flowers look different dried?

In most cases, our clients decide to preserve their flowers after their wedding, after a funeral, or of course, after a special moment where flowers were given. The preservation process is VERY time sensitive so please send us your flowers within 1-3 days after they were used. After you place your order, you'll receive step by step instructions on how to ship your flowers to us OR the option to drop off your flowers at our studio.

Typically orders take2-3 months to complete. The drying process phase can last aprox. 1 month.

The pouring process phase is completed with many fine layers that require 24 hours of drying between each layer. After that, we complete all the final touches. You'll receive an email when each of these phases begin so you know how far along your order is.

 Each preservation is 100% handmade and carefully crafted with love <3

Flowers do look different from when they are fresh vs dried. Drying flowers in silica sand is the best way to preserve the florals natural shape and beauty with the least amount of color change.

Still some color changing is inevitable with certain flowers; reds and purples can become very dark; whites can turn a little tan/ cream shape; in general most flowers darken a shade.

How Do I Care For My Resin Art?

To clean, only wash with soap, water, and a soft towel. Using any sort of chemicals could ruin the surface of your piece. Not dishwasher safe.

Keep out of direct sunlight!

Can I use older, already dried flowers?

Of Course! Dried flowers make beautiful pieces of art as well, they are used in the same way as fresh flowers. Also, the resin process will protect them from any further damage to last a lifetime.

What happens if some of my flowers are in poor condition when I send them?

We will select the best blooms from what you send. In most cases, with commonly used flowers such as roses, we can use our studio flowers as a replacement at no extra cost.

Is there an order minimum $ ?

We have a $250 order minimum for all flower preservation orders due to the time and energy required to make a preservation from start to finish

Can I preserve artificial flowers?

Of Course! Some thin

fabric-like artificial flowers become slightly translucent once put in resin however.

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