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Getting Started With Your Preservation

Select Your Items
& Place Your Order!


Currently, we do not require a deposit or reservation in order to receive your flowers! We are available and guarantee to process your flowers the same day we receive them. Simply place your order through our website.

If your flowers are over 3 days old-

you may notice they have some wilt, send us a photo in the chat

or via e-mail and we'll discuss your best options! 

​- depending on the condition of the flowers, we may be able to work with the best blooms out of all the flowers you send us.

- We can replace any flowers from our own inventory,

if we have them available

-We can discuss purchasing a few identical replacement flowers.

We will discuss all of this prior to receiving your flowers.

If your flowers are already airdried, we can use them as well!

For our local customers in the Asheville, NC area, we are happy to schedule a time for you to drop off your flowers directly to our studio!

For all other orders, please Overnight or Express Ship your flowers to us using USPS, FedEx or UPS. These carriers notify us when a package is getting delivered that day to our studio, so we can ensure our flower specialist is able to process them as soon as they arrive! .

After making your purchase, you'll receive an email with our address,

For Local Drop Offs, please email us your Name, Order Number# & the words "Local Drop Off"  so we can schedule a time to briefly meet!

An appointment must be made to ensure our flower specialist is there to process your flowers. Please do not show up without an appointment.

View our packaging and shipping instructions on how to send your flowers to us via mail

Drop Off or Send Us Your Flowers!


Let Us Work
Our Magic!


You will be notified via email as soon as our team receives your flowers in the mail!

You can also expect to receive a progress update email during each step in the process such as: 

1. Your flowers coming out of sand and beginning the resin pouring phase

2. Resin pouring has been complete & final touches are beginning!

3. Your order is complete & has been mailed on its way back to you!

(tracking number included)

Please expect to receive your flower preservations between 2-3 months after your flowers arrive to our studio. 

Reach Out To Us If You Have Any Questions!

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