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Packing & Shipping Your Flowers

It's important to package and ship your flowers quickly in order to preserve its beauty.

At most, 3 days after your event!

Overnight or express shipping is required via USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

Keep Your flowers in water until they are ready to ship

For Local Orders, you have the option to drop off your flowers at our studio!

Keeping the stems wet = keeping flowers alive during shipment 
Soak paper towels or a rag in water, and wrap it around the stems.
Place only the wet paper towel / rag wrapped stems in a plastic bag to keep the wet material contained.

Do Not do anything to the actual petals

Keep them open like in this photo

wedding bouquet received in mail preservation

This video shows how your flowers should look packaged in the box

1. Fill the bottom half of the box with crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap

2. Create a "nest" by putting the stems deep into the newspaper or bubble wrap, this will hold the stems and flowers securely in place.


3. Fill the remaining empty space surrounding the flowers with more newspaper or bubble wrap.

This is to ensure there is minimal room to for them to move/shift around during shipment.

Again, try to keep the tops of the flowers open like in the video.

 Please include your Order Number# inside of the box so we know who it belongs to 

Include any photos or additional sentimental items you want included in your preservation

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